Project Help

 A Brief History

 By Rev. Thomas E. Smith



Every organization has a history, and for most that history is carried in the memories of those who were instrumental in the organization’s actual beginnings.  But at some point, this anecdotal history needs to be written down so that it becomes easily available to those who follow these founders, so that others can guide the organization’s mission into the foreseeable future.

That time has now come for Project Help.  What follows below is my own anecdotal memories of Project Help’s history.  Having been a part of its beginning, and having served as its board President a number of years, I have a pretty clear grasp of the general outline of her history.

But so do others, and I know there is more that needs to be added to what I have written below.  There are too many names to mention, and there are many who deserve to be mentioned that I’ve overlooked for which I apologize in advance.  Had I known that one day I’d be asked to provide such a history, I would have been more diligent in keeping track of such things.  I would ask that my recollections be supplemented with the organizational minutes and records to ensure that those unmentioned here are adequately recognized and given proper credit…honor to whom honor is due, so to speak.

In any event, I will only sketch here some of the highlights as I remember them, and I will anticipate that others can add to this history and make the necessary corrections and additions where my memory errs or has left out needed and important information.

June 8, 2010

Organizational Beginnings