Food Pantry

(Clients may visit the food pantry once a month.)
The Food Pantry is open Mondays only:  11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 


Project Help can buy food through Community Harvest Food Bank and other sources. This food can be purchased for about 19 cents per pound, so the one pound jar of peanut butter you purchase for a dollar and donate to Project Help could be purchased for 19 cents by Project Help at the Community Harvest Food Bank in Fort Wayne.

One dollar given to Project Help will buy more than five times the food the same dollar could buy at the grocery store to be donated to Project Help.

The next time your organization is considering a food drive for Project Help, why not consider a One Dollar Offering where everyone donates one dollar. Or, you could even challenge your group to give all the one dollar bills they have in their wallet or purse that day.

Project Help will gladly accept any food given.

Did you know that Project Help accepts meat, dairy and produce as a donation? We have large commercial refrigerators and freezers that can hold just about anything!


Thank you for your support and generosity!