Utility & Housing Help

Help! I can’t pay my utility bills (heat-water-electric) or housing (rent – mortgage).

Where can I find help?

1. Your Family and Friends

PLEASE first ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for help, because they love you and know your needs better than any agency.

2. Brightpoint

Brightpoint, formerly CANI, has been funded by state and federal grants for helping low-income families with their utilities, child care, rent, and select other needs. Brightpoint in Steuben County is located at 213 North Martha Street, Angola. Workers are scheduled in their Angola office on Tuesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please call 1-800-589-3506  for information about their programs or
1-800-589-2264 to schedule an appointment and get a list of required paperwork.
NOTE:  They only help with utilities November 1 through May 15.
Sometimes a summer cooling assistance program is offered May 16 through August 31, but it depends on funding.
3. Your Township Trustee
Your Township Trustee should be your next source of help. Each township is given a stipend determined by their population, tax bracket, and history of assistance to be used toward the support of families living in poverty. There is an application and appointment process you must follow depending on the guidelines of each trustee. If you are turned away for help, you are to ask for a letter of denial in writing to show to other potential assistance grantors. 
You will need to know what township you live in so you know who to contact. Township Trustees from the Steuben County 
website are listed on this page with their contact information. Or please call your assessor’s office for more information.
Please do not call your Trustee until you have been in touch with Brightpoint.
4. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
(260) 667-3269  A group of men and women offering person-to-person service to individuals in need. 
Leave a message. Messages are reviewed each night by a committee.
5. Salvation Army
(574) 970-0088  Steuben County’s Salvation Army is located in the Elkhart community. They help low-income children and their families with a variety of needs, including utilities, rent, food, and weatherization. This funding is made possible through donations specially made to the Steuben County Salvation Army. Please call them for direct help.
6. Catholic Charities  
(260) 422-5625  Catholic Charities has been providing a broad spectrum of vital, life-changing services to the people of northern Indiana since 1922 and serve thousands of people every year.
7. Angola United Methodist Church
(260) 665-3914 AUMC helps with utilities and food.
8. Call 211
211 is sponsored by the United Way and gives you access to hundreds of community services for free.
9. Your Church
After you have spoken with these local resources, if you still need help, call your church family. Be sure you have your bills with you when you go see them.
10. Project Help of Steuben County
Project Help, the community food and clothing pantry, is located at 711 E Harcourt Rd in Angola. They should be your next stop for referrals, help, and information. Their phone number is 665-9697. Their office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. When you meet with them, please bring proof of residency including birth certificates for all family members, your home church information, proof of income and expenses, copies of bills and contact information for bills.