How Project Help Has Helped Me

If it wasn’t for Project Help, we would struggle, my family. High heating bills, cost of living, insurance, etc. Even though we work, paying everything can be a struggle. Project Help has helped my family with food, children’s clothing, toys, etc. Things we cannot afford due to bills.
We are grateful and so appreciative of Project Help. The employees of Project Help are kind, gracious, and a blessing. My family thanks them for everything this organization does.
S. B.
I really enjoy coming to the garage area at Project Help. I create many good ornaments and gifts for other people from items I discover in the garage. 
Recycle, reuse, rejoice.
You helped me move into my apartment with a couple different things. The pantry has helped tremendously. It’s a delight to have this here to help me.
R. L.
Project Help has helped me in a whole lot of ways, from helping provide my daughters with a Christmas along with food and fruits. I am very happy for the help they provide.
More than once Project Help has been a lifeline. My family suffered a devastating house fire – losing everything. Project Help was our “first” responder to help us with clothes, towels, bedding, and furniture. Now the food we receive every month keeps me from going hungry.
Well first of all Sherry, JoJo, and Christian helped me realize that there’s more than community service going on here. We make people’s lives easier, also put smiles on faces. Helping out families and the childfren, and seeing their smiles is the best thing around here. Also Bob is a good guy to talk to. He teaches me a lot about fixing things and cares about all of the guys that come here. They want to see all of us succeed in our programs. I believe Project Help is the best place to help people because you can interact with people. Also can’t forget about Carry. She keeps a smile on people’s faces.
Thank you Project Help.
W. G.
Helps me and my wife out. Been good to us.
P. H. is and always will be the care place for us. The farm wagon has been great for our fruits and veggies. The clothes we get from the garage helped us with needs. If it wasn’t for P.H., we would be in a big bind. The people understand us like no one else does. Thank  you and Thank God for Project help!
It has helped me realize there are a lot of unfortunate people in our community needing help. I am grateful for being a part of this organization.
Project Help was a great help for my granddaughter by furnishing school supplies. I also received a Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I really appreciate the help.
Dear Project Help,
Your environment has helped me more than one way. It has shown me how to be a productive citizen and enjoy what I’m doing for the community while maintaining my work ethic, on developing my concern for the ones that need help. This community is like a big family who helps through the struggles. Project Help isn’t just a place to do community service, it’s a place to learn and fill your heart with unexplainable feelings when you accomplish certain tasks for families that are in need. Thank you for allowing me to do community service here and progress as a whole.
They have helped me in many different ways! Putting time in helping others in the community, getting food when in need, and plenty of goodies for my 2 babies. They are the sweetest most giving group of people up there and I encourage anyone that needs anything to stop in.
Project Help has given me food, Christmas for my children when I was down! They have ALWAYS helped our community! Each and every person that works there is a saint!
L. B.
Project Help has been a blessing to me and my family since moving to the area. They were there for my family during Christmas and any other time I have struggled. They are very warm and friendly, and I appreciate everything they have done for me.
Project Help has been very great to me. They are so caring and the way they work with people including hospitality, time management, respect and love is so amazing. No matter the age or gender. If you don’t have it, they will help you get it!
K. C.
Project Help has helped me with food and household items.
L. S.
I have been coming to Project Help for a good while now. They have been tremendous help with the services they provide! The staff are awesome, always a smile. God Bless!!
The Project Help food pantry has really been a blessing to my family. As I am a single mom with 5 children, but I make just enough income to barely get food stamps, and the staff & volunteers are so positive and the food we get is amazing. A real asset to the community.
H. C.
Thank you very much for helping my family & church. I give some snacks or blueberries to the children. They love it. My husband & I are on SS & you have helped us to no end. You people are doing a wonderful job. Please open the garage more. I help a lot of people with stuff from the garage.
G. E.
My times that I have come to Project Help and done my community service have been productive, proactive, and constructive. There have been multiple times where they have helped me when I was at a low. I have learned that helping others creates a positive affect on the community and myself. There have been times where I had very little money and they helped by feeding me a little. I do put in a tremendous amount of work and help to this non-profit organization. I feel that they don’t judge us by our past and are willing to help us transition back into society. By them not looking down on us for what our past is helping me and probably others to stay positive. There have been other times where I needed clothes for work, and they accommodated those needs.
Project Help gave my granddaughter a coat when I didn’t have the money to buy her one. Project Help is always there whenever I have a need. Sherri & Jo are awesome!!! They are always willing to help anyone with anything they need. 
Project Help has helped my family make ends meet by supplementing our food budget. I appreciate the non-judgmental, friendly help.
By helping others it makes me feel better about myself and make new friends.
J. T.
They have been the best thing to happen. Without Project Help, there would have been times my family went without, from food to clothing to emotional support. Project Help is needed. This community would be in dire need without them, and I hope they continue on forever helping new and old that are in need in this area.